Stop Letting Others Ruin Your Eternal Life

  What does it take to have an eternal blissful life?  You have to stop letting others ruin it.   It’s too bad that some people ended their relationship with God because of hurt and disappointment from other Christians.  Our sinful desires often drive us to let each other down.

The choice is yours.

You are Loved and Valued

  Don’t let any situation or anyone tells you that you’re worthless. Instead, choose to believe you are loved and valued. Says who? God.  

John 10:11

The Holy Spirit: Comforter & Guide for Life

Watch this video to discover who is and what does the Holy Spirit do.   God: the Holy Spirit Credits: Samuel Gyasi (YouTube: christcongregation9)   The comforter & guide has many roles in a believer’s life. With a mind, emotions and a will, the Holy Spirit is the third divine person of the living 3-in-1 […]

Don’t Give Up on Eternal Love

 That’s the Way It Is  Credits: Celine Dion  lyrics   Has God ever encourage you not to give up? Do you long for unchanging love? Did you know that the one true God can give you eternal love?   When I first listened to That’s the Way It Is in 1999, I didn’t think of […]

Conquer Fragile Life

    Life is fragile. One minute is business as usual. The next could be devastating. Can we conquer it?

With Jesus, we can conquer fragile life.

Global Hymn Truths Set You Free

  Do you believe God inspired Christian hymns? I do. From the lyrics, you can hear either Bible-based truths or testimony of how the living God changed one’s life. Bible truths will set us free from any bondage.   I’m excited to share eight of my favorite global Christian hymns with you. Ensure you listen […]

True Love is a Choice

  Jesus knows forcing people to believe in Him isn’t love. He prefers reciprocated love. True love is a choice. He volunteered to sacrifice on the cross for all human race is also true love (John 15:13).   Although Jesus urged His followers to share the Good News (true gospel) with everyone (Mark 16:15), He […]

Jesus doesn't want forced love.

Pray with Ease

  Praying or talking to God is so important in our relationship with the loving-kindness Trinity.   I used to lack confidence in praying. After some exploring, I learned the basics. They are simple to follow. My awkwardness went away. Thank God for directing me to research on this topic!

my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

How to Increase Faith in God

    Many people are slipping away from God due to life circumstances. If your relationship with God swings back and forth, read this post to get back on track.

Jesus wants the best for us.